Carving tool jig

Carving tool jig

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Device for sharpening gouges sculpture is a device for sharpening front, is used for the gouges for sculpture, for gouges from joinery and for turning gouges for both roughing and by profiling or excavation when you want only the front sharpening
Compatible with all wet Sharpener of this type such as Record Power WG250, WG200, JET JSSG10 and Tormek® T4, T7, T8 etc.
Technical data
Application Code
JSSG 10 / WG250 / NST251 7080025


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Wet Stone Sharpening WG250 Wet Stone Sharpening WG250
346.60 € *
Wet Stone Sharpening WG200 Wet Stone Sharpening WG200
221.80 € *
Wet sharpener JSSG 10 Wet sharpener JSSG 10
394.10 € *
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