Set for drilling radial holes on woodturning lathes

Set for drilling radial holes on woodturning lathes

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Set for drilling radial holes on woodturning lathes.
Accessory for drilling radial holes into a workpiece on a lathe. It is used to carry out a series of holes to create a vacuum effect or in order to insert into the holes woods of a different type. It is also possibile to drill oblique holes. The 2 steel bushs, placed at a center distance of 32 mm, make the boring bit slide into the workpiece. This kit includes the drilling unit with its two holes and 6 bushings Ø 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 mm. It is fitted into the support of the tool rest. It features a Ø 16 mm (5/8”), that is the standard size of bench wood lathe. On request it is available an adapter for bigger wood lathes. To block the rotation you can use the accessories ‘Indexing 24’ or ‘Indexing 72-48’. 
Technical data:
Ø H min H max Stem Art
4 ÷ 12 120 305 16 mm 3746


Suggested optionals:

Adaptor for bigger lathes.
"Index 24" or "Index 72-48" if you want an help to stop the rotation movement.



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Index 24 positions Index 24 positions
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Index 72-48-40 positions Index 72-48-40 positions
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