Spiraling and Decorating Tool with rubber handle art 3946

Spiraling and Decorating Tool with rubber handle art 3946

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Gamma_Woodturning_col_webThe spiraling and decorating tools are conceived to decorate your turned woodpieces.
Decorative works will increase the value of your workpiece.
The spiraling and texturing wheels can create lots of different decorations, twists and spirals on a workpiece by the use of impressing technique.
In order to gain experience in the use of such tools, It can be useful to make a trail in the wood by using a 90° parting tool which much have the same size of the decoration that you want to obtain. Then, you can Insert the wheel In the trail that you have just made. In this way, you can concentrate on the preassure and not in maintaining the position of the tool. This technique can be used with our articles number: 3947, 3948, 3949 and 3991.
Art. 3991 allows you to obtain a texture. It is recommendable to move the tool along the wood in the part that you want to decorate. Only after, take away the surrounds in order to limit the area of decoration.
If you want to obtain some twistles, you can use the position guide that is provided in the package, whith which you can maintain the same position by setting the right angle (usually 30°). Do not apply too much pressure.

The wheel will automatically relocate into the same reference mark.
The guide can be used with the following articles: 3950, 4167 e 4168. Art. 3949
‘’snake’’ decorating wheel is included, togeth


Ø mm Pcs total length Art Variable choice
30 1 590 3946 1
30 1 490 4139 2


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