SABRE 250 10” Bandsaw

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SABRE 250 10” Bandsaw

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Record_PowerSABRE 250 10” Bandsaw

Band wheels are the drive mechanism for the blade. For a quiet and smooth cutting performance it is important that wheels are well balanced. For accurate blade tracking good quality tyres must also be fitted.
Record Power Bandsaws
All our larger bandsaws (BS300E upwards) have strong, heavy cast iron band wheels to increase the flywheel effect. They are dynamically balanced and have thick rubber tyres for easy tracking and longevity. This is essential on larger machines to ensure they can withstand the tensioning forces of larger blades and the rigours of heavier use.

In addition, we believe that the capacities, power and performance upgrades, combined with the unique SABRE features now found on this machine, make it a real contender in the general purpose floor-standing bandsaw category when combined with the BS250-AW stand and wheel kit. In this configuration it has quality and features well ahead of many of the lower cost floor-standing machines available in the market.

The end result is a premium-quality, affordable bandsaw which retains the compact size of the BS250 while offering improved capacities, usability, accuracy and performance

Band Wheels
The improved, heavier band wheels give smooth and powerful performance.

Double-Sided Rip Fence Mount
The fence mount design allows the fence to be placed to the right-hand side of the blade, with the fence extrusion secured on the opposite side of the mount. Ideal for supporting timber when cutting with the table at an angle.

Fine Adjustment
The rip fence mount features easily accessible screws for fine adjustment of the fence in relation to the blade, for increased accuracy.

Integral Rip Fence Holder
When the rip fence is not in use it can be stored safely on the side of the machine.

Cam-Action Blade Tension Adjustment
Usually found only on larger machines, the strong tensioning system features a cam-action tension release to help make blade change quick and easy.

Easy-Adjust Blade Guides
The spring-loaded blade guides can be adjusted quickly and easily without tools.

A solid, finely ground cast iron table provides an ideal and low friction work support.

Offset Door Hinges
Even with the bandsaw positioned with the spine against the workshop wall, the offset hinges enable the door to open far enough to give good access for blade changes without the need to take the door off or move the bandsaw away from the wall.

Dual Speed
The higher speed is ideal for general wood cutting and the lower speed is suited to harder or brittle timbers, to reduce the chances of burning.


Modello RP Sabre 250
Cod. articolo 230 V



Maximum Depth of Cut 127 mm
Larghezza lama min./Max. 6 / 12 mm
Throat Depth 245 mm
Blade lenght 1791 mm
Size table 318x350 mm
Table inclination 0° / 45°
Wheel Diameer 254 mm
Blade speed 740 m/1'
Power 370 W
Size 865x525x470 mm
Weigh 35 Kg


Parallel guide

Mire guide

Saw blade

Shown with optional stand and pedal wheel kit.


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Support with wheels x BS 250 Sabre 250 Support with wheels x BS 250 Sabre 250
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Mitre guide SABRE 350/450 Mitre guide SABRE 350/450
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