Mobile base 460x460/710x710 mm 250Kg

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logo-JETMobile base load capacity 250 Kg and 500 Kg
Expands the space in your lab
Adjusted in various positions, raise your machine only 2 cm, then do not change the working height.

  • Can be adjusted in width and length
  • Does not alter the ergonomic height from the floor of the car, up only 2 cm
  • Withstands heavy loads
  • Robust construction for many applications
Technical data
Code 708118 708119
Max. capacity 250 Kg 500 Kg
Dimension min. 460 x 460 mm 610 x 610 mm
Dimension max. 710 x 710 mm 860 x 860 mm
Avail. extension no si
Variable choice 1 2
Parts and Accessories
Art 708116 Extension for mobile base of 500 Kg
the large mobile base art 708119 can house longer bars which allow the following dimensions
Extension for two sides

Lasted two sides
min dim. Size (610-860) x 910 mm
Max dimensions (610-860) x 1165 mm

Additional product information

Dimensione 1


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