Woodturning classes

Woodturning classes

Elementary classes:

The woodturning classes aim at giving a global preparation on the woodturning world.

During the elementary lessons, you will learn about:

  • wood, nature and composition;
  • how to cut a piece of wood in order to obtain a stable piece of wood;
  • woodturning types of machines;
  • different tools for woodturning;
  • first woodturning: turning  along the grain for making tops, goblets, elongated shaped objects;
  • second woodturning type: turning across the grain for the creation of plates, bowls.
  • Gouge sharpening systems.

The courses are usually organized on 2 days of 8 hours each, during which the student will be able to put into practice what he has learned, using the lathes available in the new classroom. Sometimes, we also organize ''evening classes'' from 5 to 9 pm that last 4 days.

Cost: € 300 (VAT included)

Participants: Minimum 2 - maximum of 4.

Next basic course dates:

If you are interested, send an email without obligation to:, we will send you an email every time we organize a course and you will be free to decide whether to participate (reserved seats permitting)

Participants will receive an extra 10% discount off on all items purchased up to 30 days after the course.

(offer not valid for articles which are already in promotion or already in discount)


Monographic seminar

A day with a teacher on a specific topic:

  • Sharpening gouges for turning
  • Sanding and Finishing - oils and waxes
  • Planer or oblique chisel: tips and tricks
  • Digging bowls: digging gouges and termites
  • Scrape or chisel: the English style

Participants: Minimum 3 - maximum 6

Their duration depends on the content of the course and varies from 4 to 8 hours, organized on a single day.

Variable cost: from € 70 to € 140 (VAT included)


The courses will be taught by master turners of national importance according to the dates.


For reservations or information: