Sheet metalworking

Sheet metalworking

Sheet metalworking: Cutting, folding, bending, deburring, beading, flattening, twisting and
notching – A JET solution for every application – Clockwise and anti-clockwise operation, counterbalances, quick-release facilities, clamping stops and precise measurement scales guarantee simple, smooth and efficient
operation – Ideal for various materials, industrial, training and handicraft work – Wide range of options for the user and unbeatable value for money – Accessories supplied as standard or available as extras

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Hand slitting shears

Product no.: J7541xxS

Delivery period: 3 working days

Arbor presses

Product no.: J3336xx

Delivery period: 3 working days

Manual hydraulic press HF2

Product no.: J750010xx

Delivery period: 3 working days
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