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Fog lamp with fixing on tubular 22/25 mm

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Gamma_Experience_colore2021_websiteAdditional spotlights fog lights V85TT with tubular attachment

The additional headlights are an accessory that improves the visibility of the vehicle, not only in terms of better night visibility but also to be seen more by the cars we cross. With the tubular fixing solution we increase the distance between the main headlight and the spotlights so as to have a greater visual impact and better visibility.
Important is that we are homologated so as not to be disturbing for the cars that come and not to incur even serious penalties.
Pair of Made in Italy fog lights, with LED technology and approved for high brightness and efficiency.
Supplied with a plate for fixing on flat surfaces and a joint to adjust them to perfection they are specific for V85TT for mounting next to the main headlight, they can be installed on any motorcycle.
The spotlights are equipped with an integrated relay that facilitates wiring, no more bulky relays that we never know how to hide and position in the motorcycle.
The support is created with an innovative FDM 3D printing technique whose operating temperature is 10 è c + 75 è c, the steel joint offers excellent rigidity and the possibility of correctly orienting the headlight in any position the fairing tube.

tecnical data:

lumen: 2000 each

power: 7W each

absorption: 2A each


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