FSC 24 Device for drinning forniture Art.3327

FSC 24 Device for drinning forniture Art.3327

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Gamma_ZinkenWith this device, assembling panels and cabinets will be a quick and easy operation.
The FSC 24 guide is composed by two square bars of 25 mm in treated and hardened aluminum, which houses guide bearings for the bit made of steel with holes of different sizes.

The two bars can be joined in order to accurately drill the backs of cabinets up to 800 mm.

They can work alone to be more manageable and to drill lockers up to 400 mm, and can be joined for drilling larger furniture like a walk-in closet.
We also supply 2 round bars that work with the two square barsin order to facilitate the drilling of internal shelves.
Standard equipment:
2 aluminum bars, 3 reference blocks, 8 bearings of Ø 5 mm, 4 bearings of Ø 6 mm, 2 bearings of Ø 6.5 mm, 6 bearings of Ø 8 mm, 2 bearings of Ø 10 and 12 mm, 4 Joint plates and 2 round bars.
Standard Measurements: the drilling template FSC has the holes with a standard inter-axis of 32 mm as all the metalware for furniture on the market.
The first hole is 16 mm.
Each square 25 mm bar measures 384 mm and houses 12 bearings of different diameters, so you can leave the template ready with the most used holes in the appropriate positions.

The reference blocks

The reference blocks are placed at the top and on one side of the bar, they are milled to bring the center of the bit to the center of the panel.

The measure of the commercial panel is shown in brackets, while the largest number is the amount to be added or subtracted from the edge of the bar.
For example: if we have a 20 mm panel, we will place the side blocks on the -2.5 (20 mm panel) position.

The third head block gives the reference for starting. If we place it on the “0”, we know that the first hole will be at 16 mm from the table edge.

The internal shelves
The internal shelves of a cabinet are at 32 mm, generally using a 5 mm or 6 mm hole for the brass bearings for the shelves locked with eccentric.

To facilitate the drilling operations, you can position the round bars and keep the drilling guides aligned and spaced with each other and with the reference from the edge of the table.

The round bars are threaded, so they can be joined in case of large cabinets, or can be used individually for greater practicality on small cabinets.

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