Professional Planer Thicknesser JPT 310HH spirally reversible carbide inserts

Professional Planer Thicknesser JPT 310HH spirally reversible carbide inserts

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Plane helical carbide inserts 4-sided reversible

The planes combined JPT 310 HH
are innovative for the tree consisting of carbide inserts arranged spirally on four principles.
The cut is smooth and quiet because the work is divided among many asportazioe sharp.
A good knife steel tell an average of 100 hours of work, a carbide knife works for about 2000 hours.

Do not change over a set of knives but you can turn the knife is worn out or just what if you were injured by a nail or impurity of the wood.
The ground wire in a single block, allows you to work with extreme precision pass to thickness without removing guides and guards, and not lose any settings previously made.

The plan of the planer gets up in a single block in the function passed in thickness.
This is very important because it offers several advantages:

  • Never lose the alignment of the planer as it happens with other machines whose plane is separated into several sections
  • Time it takes about 15 seconds
  • The protection and also provides for the shavings conveyor is reversed and also serves for the planer
  • To return to work flush takes about 15 seconds
  • You will not removed nor put any protection on the ground, you will not have lost any control planer
  •  Helical cutter head with 4-sided carbide inserts
  • Sliced cut – guarantees optimum surface quality
  • Extremely quiet
  • No chiping or tearout when working against the grain
  • Fine grain carbide, strong and wear resistant (5 times HSS)
  • Planed cast iron table guarantees optimum workpiece gliding
Technical data
Code art 400V 10000292 M 10000292 T
Jointer table dimensions 1400 mm 1400 mm
Max. planing width 307 mm 307 mm
Thicknessing table size 540 mm 540 mm
Planing thickness 3 - 225 mm 3 - 225 mm
Max. chip removal (Jointer) 3 mm 3 mm
Max. chip removal (Thicknesser) 4,5 mm 4,5 mm
Number of knives 56 56
Cutter block speed 5500 rpm 5500 rpm
Feed speed 5 m/min 5 m/min
Power 2900 W 3200W
Dimension 1400x750x1000 1400x750x1000
Weight 230 Kg 230 Kg
Standard equipment
Helical cutter head including 56 pieces 4-sided carbide inserts (JPT-310HH)
Precision planer fence
Adjustable planer guard
100 mm dust port (JPT-310HH)


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