Radial drill presses JDR-34B

Radial drill presses JDR-34B

Product no.: J10000390M

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logo-JETThe radial drill for wood has as main characteristic the option to move the head and away from the column.
Very often, in fact in the wood is necessary to drill holes away from the edges and with the normal drills is not possible. Also can tilt the head of 45 ° in one direction and 90 ° in the other, over which inlinare The support table.
We recommend using specific tips for wood, require less forcement Drilling and leave a hole precisely.
The engine power is adjusted to the diameter of the column and the effort requested from the tips specific for wood.

  • Table robust cast iron
  • Electromagnetic switch
  • Keyless chuck 1-16 mm rapid precision standard protection
  • 80 mm stroke spindle with adjustable limit stop
  • Asynchronous induction motor of 600 W for continuous
  • 5 spindle speed from 500 to 2500 rev / min
  • 410 mm the max. distance between the column and spindle
  • The head can be tilted 45 ° to the right and 90 ° left
  • Standard supplied with laser pointer for easy
Technical data
Modello JDR 34 B
Cod. articolo 230 V 10000390 M
Distance spindle column 155 - 410 mm
Spindle travel 80 mm
Spindle nose CM 2
Quick-clamping chuck Ø 1 - 16 mm
Ø column 60 mm
Table size 220 x 230 mm
Speed range  n°5: 500 - 2500 giri/1'
Base size 345 x 210 mm
Power output 230 V S1 350 W
Power input  230 V S6 600 W
Dimension  830x 320 x 760 mm 
weight 42 Kg
Standard equipment
• 16 mm quick-clamping chuck
• Arbor MT-2 / B16
• Chuck guard
• Cross laser with transformer and on/off switch
• Belt cover with limit switch


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