Wet sharpener JSSG 10

Wet sharpener JSSG 10

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logo-JETWater wheel for professional sharpening tools
We offer the best system for sharpening your gouges, knives, scissors, axes and tools in general, a professional water wheel Ø 250 mm with motor protected against splash water and adjust the speed according to the diameter of the wheel (because it reduces the diameter of the wheel consuming).
Do not consider these things as obvious, the competition has not and will not tell you

The photo shows the machine with optional JET JSSG10: 708016 Base with 2 drawers, a second tool holder as well as the supplied one J708039 and the lateral support J708040

  • As the stone revolves it carries the water continuously over the grinding surface, thus cooling it and eliminating the risk of overheating
  • The grindstone runs at 90–150 rpm, driven by a quiet running motor
  • Motor speed is controlled by a variable speed switch
  • When the grindstone diameter is 250 mm, run the grinder at the lower 90 rpm setting
  • Over time with constant use the grindstone will wear, the speed can be increased to compensate for this, so maintaining the optimum surface speed at all times
Technical data
Model JSSG 10
Code art 220V J708015M
Power 160 W
Speed: variable 90 - 150 giri/1'
Stone wheel Ø 250 x 50 x 20 mm
Grit 250 G
Leather honing wheel Ø 225 x 30 mm
Dimension 406 x 305 x 330 mm
Weight 15 Kg
Standard equipment
• 1 stone grader, applying this changes the stone from coarse to fine and back again
• 1 straight edge jig for hand plane blades and chisels
• 1 angle setting jig, for precise repeatablity
• 1 bevel angle measuring device, to measure the existing bevel angle of your tools
• 1 tube of honing compound for that final polished edge
• 1 support arm to carry the jigs and adjust the angle of attack
• 1 instructional DVD


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