Side wheel grinding jig

Side wheel grinding jig

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Side wheel grinding jig The sharpening lateral support provides a support for tapering chisels and chisels

Compatible with all wet Sharpener of this type such as Record Power WG250, WG200, JET JSSG10 and Tormek® T4, T7, T8 etc.

Technical data

Applicazione art Codice code
JSSG 10 / WG250 / NST251 170272 7080027 JRPWG250F


Product Note Status Price
Wet Stone Sharpening WG250 Wet Stone Sharpening WG250
376.50 € *
Wet Stone Sharpening WG200 Wet Stone Sharpening WG200
225.80 € *
Wet sharpener JSSG 10 Wet sharpener JSSG 10
394.10 € *
Wet sharpener JSSG 8 Wet sharpener JSSG 8
292.80 € *
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