Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS

Oscillating edge sanding OES 80 CS

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Simple and robust oscillating belt sander for wood, allows a good finish for furniture

  • The oscillating system guarantees a high gloss finish and increases the portion of the tape used, for a greater duration

  • Tape 150x2260 mm sanding horizontally or vertically or any intermediate position between these

  • Sturdy cast iron table support piece that can be raised or lowered to take advantage of all tape

  • 100 mm nozzle for efficient extraction

  • The belt runs on a graphite coating that facilitates sliding, reduces friction, helps to maintain the low temperature of the abrasive and extend its life

  • The powerful motor allows continuous operation for several hours

  • The protective cover can be opened to allow the sanding of long pieces

Technical data



Cod. art 230 V

708447 M

Cod. art 400 V

708447 T

Additional size guide

110 x 610 mm

Abrasive belt

150 x 2260 mm

Max. sanding depth

125 mm

Tilting sanding belt

0� - 90�

N� Oscillation per min.


Table size

180 x 800 mm

Speed belt

16 m/sec

Dust port

100 mm

Power ioutput 230 V S1


Power input 230 V S6

1900 W

Power ioutput 400 V S1

1450 W

Power input 400 V S6

2800 W


120 Kg

Standard equipment

Belt sanding 80G
Nozzle 100 mm
goniometer fence
Closed stand with
Height-adjustable driver
Table extension for templates


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Abrasive cleaner rubber Abrasive cleaner rubber
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