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Gamma_Woodturning_col_webIt is usually inserted in the tailstock, but it can also be inserted into the spindle of the headstock, as a safety drive centre.

The latter option guarantees you safety when working, because when a catch happens, the woodpiece skids and stops rotating. It is suggested for beginners as well as for more delicate work. 8 mm diameter safety point can replace the tip of the other available inserts and is very useful for workings of small workpieces because it creates a span between tailstock and workpiece.

The Ø 8 mm head fits in place of the tip of the other heads and creates a space between the tailstock and the wood to be able to turn small diameter pieces.
The D. 24, 35 and 50 mm heads have a M16x1 threaded connection and are specific spare parts for Gamma Zinken 
drive center


Technical data
Lt Connection Art Code

Variable dim.

see table below

8 50 cone centre of live centre 3853 JE5002850 1
24 30 M 16x1 3811 JE5116324 2
35 30 M 16x1 3812 JE5116535 3
50 30 M 16x1 3806 JE5116550 5


The central tip can be removed. You can interchange two tips, a shorter one that penetrates little into the wood and a long one that penetrates more compresses and compacts the wood fibers more, or by mounting the head Ø 8 mm


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Tailstock with interchangeable heads Tailstock with interchangeable heads
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MT Interchangeable Point Drive Centre MT Interchangeable Point Drive Centre
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Live Centre with 60° point art 3817 Live Centre with 60° point art 3817
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