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Gamma_ZinkenLive Centre with 60° point
Includes a MT shank complete with a 60° Ø24 mm mechanical insert.

Our live centres consists of a Morse Taper 2 body and a rotating element that features 2 prelubricated airtight sealed radial bearings and 1 additional bearing that is able to support an axial thrust equal to 13.200N (1.300 Kilos approximately).

It can also be used with the other available safety live centre inserts.
Various interchangeable points can be added to this body depending on the application to perform.


Product Note Status Price
Tailstock with interchangeable heads Tailstock with interchangeable heads
from 69.20 € *
Live - and Drive Center Safe Point Live - and Drive Center Safe Point
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Cone Live Centre Point art 3827 Cone Live Centre Point art 3827
20.90 € *
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