Tailstock with interchangeable heads

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Tailstock with full shaft and interchangeable heads.

The tailstocks for wood lathe have a tailstock body formed by a Morse taper and a rotating part supported by 2 sealed prelubricated radial bearings + a thrust bearing able to support an axial thrust of 13.200N (about 1,300Kg).
Heads of various shapes are applied to this tailstock body according to the needs of the turning.
The tailstock for wood is different from that for metal, in fact in addition to the tip has a special crown that penetrates a little in the wood, compressing and supporting the piece in work by absorbing the effort of turning; the central tip can be removed, two tips can be interchanged, a shorter one that penetrates little into the wood and a long one that penetrates more compresses and compacts the wood fibers more.

The Ø 35 head can house the support ring (optional) Ø 63 and 70 mm item no. 3814 and art. 3846, while the ring art.n. 3847 can be used with the head
Ø 50 mm.

Standard equipment

The set includes a Corse Morse tailstock, tailstock-driving safety head Ø 35, Removable central tip.





Dimensione variabile

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35 115  CM 1 3895 JE9801135 1
35 125 CM 2 3805 JE9802135 2
35 130  CM 3 3833 JE9803135 3

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