Circle-Cutting Band Saw Device

Circle-Cutting Band Saw Device

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This device is specific for band saws and its aim is to cut the piece in a round shape before turning it in a wood lathe.
Practical and fast system, which brings numerous advantages:

- It allows to make the most of the lathe's capabilities, by actually assembling the piece with the largest diameter allowed.

- An already roughed and cylindrical piece does not vibrate the lathe, thus increasing the safety of the processing.

- Strong reduction of pumps, when roughing on the lathe.

- You will not waste any part of the woodpiece, especially if it is precious woods.

Assemble the device to the plane of the band saw by means of clamps (not supplied).
Position it so that the pivot point is in line with the blade.
The sliding carriage allows the subsequent adjustment of the position to the desired distance from the blade.
The workpiece plate is opened to move the turning pivot of the piece away from the blade, so that during the approach cut, the invitation cut can be made.
We supply with the accessory three tips: two pointed (short and long) and one Ø 8 mm which offers the best fulcrum of rotation. The required Ø 8 mm hole is the same diameter of the preparation hole for the pig tail for assembly in the mandrel. It is possible to mount the piece on the 4 34 mm turret spindle (art 3808) using the Ø 8 mm hole as a centering device both with the same rounded tip and with the Ø 8 mm tailstock head (art. 3853).
Technical data
Ø min Ø Max Dim. ART
80 mm 800 mm 590x320x30mm 4032


Standard equipment:

2 pointed pins

2 round-head pins (Ø 8mm e Ø 5mm)



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