RP Sabre 450 M Band Saw 230V

RP Sabre 450 M Band Saw 230V

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The SABRE-450 builds on this success, boasting a range of fantastic new features in addition to being the largest ever bandsaw to bear the Record Power name. The 1500 W output (2 hp) motor drives the heavy cast iron wheels with ample power to cope with the heaviest of cuts. The cam-action fence adjustment, spring-loaded guides, cam-action blade tension release and double-sided fence mount make this a machine that is so easy to setup and use it leaves you free to concentrate fully on the project at hand. In addition, the SABRE-450 features an electromechanical braking system, making it ideal for use in educational environments.

This machine requires a 16 Amp supply.


  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Band Wheels: Dynamically balanced and heavy, the wheels provide a flywheel effect during use, contributing to the power and effectiveness of the machine.
  • Double-Sided Fence Mount: The unique fence mount design allows the fence to be placed to the right hand side of the blade, with the fence extrusion secured on the opposite side of the mount.

  • Cam-Action Blade Tension Adjustment: Release and re-apply blade tension instantly using the cam-action handle. This makes changing blade simple and fast and if the new blade is the same as the old, the correct tension can be instantly re-applied on fitment.  

  • Easy-Adjust Blade Guides: The spring-loaded blade guides can be adjusted quickly and easily without tools.  

  • Resaw Bar Included: The resaw bar is easily installed to the fence and can be used when resawing long pieces - the timber pivots on the resaw bar to compensate for grain variations in the wood to avoid the cut wandering.

  • Heavy Duty Cast Trunnion: This industrial-style trunnion gives rock-solid support to the table and can be easily adjusted up to 45º using the substantial rack-and-pinion system and locked firmly in place with the large and easily accessible locking lever. 

  • Integral Cabinet Base: The cabinet provides useful storage space for tools and timber. 
  • Cam-Action Fence Positioning: Aligning the blade with the fence is extremely fast and easy, requiring no adjustments to the fence rail. 
  • Useful Height Guide: The blade guard features a scale to show the cutting height, an ideal reference for accurately setting the guides to the required position. 

  • Table Levelling Pin: Perfect alignment of the table is ensured with the simple-but-effective levelling pin. 

  • Inspection Window for Easy Tracking: The inspection windows allows the blade to be seen on the wheel from the side, making blade tracking much easier. 

  • Rack and Pinion Blade Guide Adjustment: the blade guides move on a sturdy rack and pinion system to provide optimum support. 

  • Easy Fence Movement: The pads beneath the fence ensure it remains parallel to the table whilst allowing frictionless movement across it. 

  • Heavy Duty Tensioning System: The blade tension assembly of the SABRE-350 gives ample strength to support the largest blades and ensure faultless performance for the heaviest of cuts.

Technical data:

Stock number JRPBS450SM
Model Sabre 450
Maximum depth of cut 320 mm
Throat depth 445 mm
Table size 658 x 400mm
Table height from floor 900 mm
Blade speed 1000 m / minuto
Blade Length 3886 mm
Power 1500 W - 2 hp
Extraction port diameter 100 mm
Weight 149 kg
Dimensions 1880 x 976 x 740 mm














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