Maxi 1 Professional Wood Lathe

Maxi 1 Professional Wood Lathe

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Maxi 1 Professional Wood Lathe


The MAXI-1 has been specially designed to offer large capacities and support for heavy work in a compact design. 

New version !!!! Now with spindle thread M33x3.5 mm (DIN 800)

 Combining Record’s traditional swivel head functionality with modern construction and high quality electronic control, this machine is ideal for the professional woodturner as well as the dedicated enthusiast. This heavy duty lathe is used by professional woodturners. Cast iron features heavily in the construction of this machine, including the legs, headstock, tailstock and cast bed. The power, solidity and value of this machine is unrivalled in its class. The machine has now been upgraded to feature a M33 x 3.5 spindle thread, ensuring even greater strength and stability.


  • Quick locking lever to correctly position the tool holder and the tailstock
  • The spindle shaft and the tailstock have a through hole of 9 mm which allows drilling in axis directly on the lathe
  • 6-position adjustable speed via pulleys and electronic inverter for a huge range of speeds from 50 rpm to 3850 rpm
  • The control can be moved along the lathe to always have a position in the working position
  • Possibility to mount a support for cantilever turning (optional)
  • Robust conception, the spindle has a 1 1/4 "x 8TPI connection, ideal for heavy work
  • Useful turning diameter on the pallet 500 mm
  • Sturdy construction starting from the pallet, the head, the tailstock support and the legs allow you to try your hand in any work, even in demanding and heavy, just for the installation could help you because the components are heavy

Variable speed, an inverter manages a number of speed combinations via a potentiometer. The unit is assembled in GranBretagna with components of a leading German company. Most of the work can be performed well and safely at speeds between 400 and 2000 rpm. Speeds up to 3850 rpm are reserved for expert turners who follow all safety and maximum common sense recommendations.

Technical data
Code 230V JRPWL0050M
Model Maxi 1
Ø over bed 508mm
Ø over tool rest 400 mm
Max between centres 950 mm
Headstock taper CM 2
Tailstock taper CM 2
Tailstock ram 50 mm
Spindle thread M33x3,5 mm
Speeds variable

50 ÷ 3850

Index spindle yes
Positioning head da 0 ° a 90°
Power 1100W
Dimensions 1640 x 545 x 1270mm
Weight 209 Kg


The photo shows the lathe with the optional JRPWL0051 cantilever turning support.


Included in the package:

150 mm tool rest 

Drive center 

76 mm face plate 
Spur center and tooling knockout 



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