HSS Skew chisel

HSS Skew chisel

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Used for planing work on cylindrical or slightly concave parts.

Used for planing work, sturdy, thanks to the oblique shape of the cutting edge gives excellent control in all phases of work on special cylindrical or slightly concave, it fits successfully to any type of wood, it is not recommended for work on convex pieces or spherical.

The 13 mm measurement is particularly suitable for making pens and pencils.

Technical data
mm Lt Lm Art.
13 380 215 3715
19 380 215 3893


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Wet Stone Sharpening WG250 Wet Stone Sharpening WG250
375.60 € *
Wet Stone Sharpening WG200 Wet Stone Sharpening WG200
243.00 € *
Device for skew chisel sharpening Device for skew chisel sharpening
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