HSS Profiling gouge

HSS Profiling gouge

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Suitable for any kind of profiling activity on any type of wood. It is a solid tool that allows a good control on every phase of your work in the external part of the wood piece.
Available in different sizes and lengths, depending on the dimensions of the workpiece and on the kind of execution.
These tools are directly created from a steel bar, on the contrary of other gauges that are forged. For this reason, they guarantee reliability and no vibrations.
Furthermore, they are characterised by a longer surface that allows you to sharpen them more than any other gauge that is on the market, even until the last centimetre. (it is possible to sharpen the gauges by using the specific devices like the JIG)
Technical data
mm Lt Lm Art.
6,3 420 250 4092
10,5 420 250 4093
14,5 445 250 4094
16,5 545 350 4095


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