Spiral Slot mortise s.13mm bits 16mm

Spiral Slot mortise s.13mm bits 16mm

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Gamma40_years_webSpiral slot mortising bit è right and left-hand rotation

The helical shaped cutting edge makes the chip ejection easier and reduces the risk that the tool sticks in the workpiece, causing
rebounds and inconveniences.

Made of high resistance steel and hardened, this tool guarantees efficiency and a long lifespan. 

How do you see if the machine uses left or right rotation tips?

To determine the direction of rotation of a tool it is necessary to grip it from the stem and turn it; if it is a right rotation utenile it will cut by turning it clockwise, on the contrary if the left rotation will cut counterclockwise

In general, the single planers are right-handed while the combined left-hand ones, but well-tapped before deciding what to order


ht LT G. Art. Dx Art. Sx
16 60 170 13 3372 3373

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