Slot mortise s.16mm bits straight cutting edges 16 - 22

Slot mortise s.16mm bits straight cutting edges 16 - 22

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Gamma40_years_webSlot mortise bits straight cutting edges - Right and left-hand rotation

Recommended for working on soft wood with a wide fiber like pine which tends to chip easily.

Build with special steel, it assures you a great efficiency and
a long endurance

How do you see if the machine uses left or right rotation tips?

To determine the direction of rotation of a tool it is necessary to grip it from the stem and turn it; if it is a right rotation utenile it will cut by turning it clockwise, on the contrary if the left rotation will cut counterclockwise

In general, the single planers are right-handed while the combined left-hand ones, but well-tapped before deciding what to order


Ø ht LT G.ø Art. Dx Art. Sx
16 60 170 16 1510 1511
18 65 180 16 1512 1513
20 70 185 16 1514 1515
22 75 185 16 1892 1893

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