CBN wheel Ø 150x30x32 B 91 art 3986

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A super abrasive CBN wheel Ø 150x20x32 B 91 art 3985
The Super-Abrasive CBN (Borazon) wheel is a technology used mainly in industrial production.
Characterized by an abrasive specially designed for alloyed steels such as HSS, it allows sharp sharpening in short times. Used dry at the recommended rotation speed of 1200 Ø 2900 rpm it allows to exploit the quality of the grinding wheel. The metal support of the grinding wheel allows to dissipate the heat of the sharpening well, the increase in speed generates a better-sharpened surface but also an increase in heat that could overheat the edge of the gouge, it is advisable to have a l'ight hand'.

Type G size  
Fine CBN Wheel 91 Ø 150 x 30 x32 mm 3986

Possible mounting on bench grinding wheel diameter 150 mm (requires adjustment washers) and on a lathe (with special grinding wheel holder shaft)


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Ralla reduction for CBN Wheel fole 32 mm Ralla reduction for CBN Wheel fole 32 mm
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