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The first specific sharpener for gouges. Innovative!
Specifically designed for sharpening woodturning gouges.
Made in HSS, high-strength steel resistant to high temperature.
You must have to take care of your tool, being careful to the sharpening of the cutting edge.

Athena240EVS_16Memorize many anglesAthena240EVS_15
A turner has many gouges, often similar but sharpened with different angles to better adapt to the wood or the specific processing.
But remembering all the angles is not easy, nor setting the sharpening tools each time, so we have set up a simple system based on colours that allow us toè memorize èover 30 different positions.
You can mark your gouges with the colours of the combinations you have programmed.

Athena240EVS_182 Simple or Traditional sharpening systemsAthena240EVS_17
Athena allows you to sharpen gouges with a simplified guide system. This system with two degrees of freedom allows anyone, even with little experience, to sharpen both profiling and excavating gouges very well.
The optional support allows sharpening the same gouges with 3 degrees of freedom, with a long wing, with a guided position and easily replicable as height and front angles, but with the necessary experience to replicate the sharpening movement.

4262_mola_CBNSharpening of gouges with CBN grinding wheel
Professional system for sharpening gouges for turning and carving based on a Super Abrasive CBN (Borazon) wheel.
The support of the CBN Super-Abrasive is made of metal to dissipate the heat of the sharpening well and quickly, the CBN Super-Abrasive wheel being made of metal is robust.
It has great durability, gently touching with the tool to obtain a sharpening fit for a professional.



Sharpening the way you prefer all the long-wing excavation gouges!
The same sharpening device for profiled, excavation and long-wing gouges (like fingernail or finger) allow the sharpening with 3 degrees of freedom.

Certain references at your fingertips.
Having certain references is possible: on the machine, in an ergonomic position, we have put a position reference at 45, 60 and 70 mm.
Possibility to pre-set the sharpening devices andè memorize ètheir position, in order to exactly replicate the angles of the cutting edge always the same.

Athena240EVS_3Sharpen with the same angle
The main sharpening system consists of a Ø 12 mm bar parallel to the two wheels.
On this wheel, it is possible to insert both the device for sharpening of gouges for profiling and excavation and optional accessories.
A special 4-position revolver stop determines the distance between the bar and the grinding wheels, to obtain the desired angle.
The revolver system allows the position to be restored with accuracy over time.
A base with predetermined positions facilitates the protrusion of the gouge from the sharpening device.
Rotation block allows sharpening the gouges with two different positions.
The combinations of the three devices, base, revolver and rotation blocks, allow numerous combinations of sharpening angles.

Athena240EVS_1The Athena 2-40 EVS is equipped with a professional inverter that allows the control of some interesting functions such as controlled start and stops and speed selection.
The normal speed of use is 1400 rpm or position 4 of the potentiometer, but to get a better finish it can go up to 2900 rpm

Characteristics ZBG 2 40 EVS
Art. code 4255
No. grinding weel 2
Dim. Wheel diameter 240 mm
Dim. grinding band 40 mm
Speed 900 2900 rpm
Tension / Power 230 V / 1100 W
Total dimension 520x340x380
Weight 27 Kg


Standard equipment:
Grinding wheel 240x40 CBN forming
Revolver sharpening position system
Sharpening bar
Sharpening device for profiled gouges

Position system for longwing
Device for sharpening planes
Bed and chisel sharpening plan
Various devices for sharpening termites


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Device for skew chisel sharpening Device for skew chisel sharpening
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CBN wheel Ø240x40x32 B151 art 4289 CBN wheel Ø240x40x32 B151 art 4289
(Dimensione: 4)
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CBN wheel ø240x40x32 B CBN wheel ø240x40x32 B
from 0.00 € *
Bowl gouge HSS Bowl gouge HSS
from 50.60 € *
Drill sharpener JDG0313 Drill sharpener JDG0313
744.70 € *
Athena Long-wing sharpening device art 4269 Athena Long-wing sharpening device art 4269
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