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Record_PowerBowl gouge HSS

These feature an improved flute profile, designed to help clear shavings quickly for more effective and faster cutting.

These tools are manufactured to a standard that makes them perfect for use by demanding professionals but also at a cost that makes them ideal for the novice turner. Designed in consultation with and tested rigorously by professional woodturners, they represent a new standard in quality and value.
The blades are made of high-speed steel to keep their cutting edge longer and the handles, stable and heavy beech. The shape of the handles has been specially designed, based on the requirements of experienced woodturners, to provide a strong and comfortable grip, leaving you free to concentrate on turning.

It is supplied with front sharpening (traditional English), an immediate sharpening may be necessary to retract the wings depending on the (more modern) technique used by the turner

mm Lt Lm Art.
10 (1/4') 445 305 4312
13 (3/8') 445 305 4313
13 (3/8') 630 406 4314
16 (1/2') 630 406 4315


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