Cutters for NC

Cutters for NC

The details make the difference, the solid carbide tools are built by digging from the full of the cylinder in hard metal, so they are suitable tools to undergo numerous regrinding because the quality of the raw material is constant inside them.

They are tools designed for industrial use and therefore require precision mandrels and constant feed speed, the piece well locked and free of vibrations.

Being made of hard metal they are suitable for working at high rotation speeds, they do not suffer the temperature increase due to the abrasion of the removed material, so they do not lose "the wire" as it happens to steel when it is overheated during processing.

- Special cutting edge and head geometry
- Stripping with constant and evolving width to guarantee numerous re-sharpening
- Extended discharge for better chip evacuation
- cutting edge length declared entirely useful
- High quality hard metal and great durability

Gamma Zinken manufactures tools with hard sets of the best quality and with geometries that other builders envy.

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Solid carbide spiral cutter Type 2E - Z 2

Product no.: EW620.0xx

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