Micro center drilling and tapping JMD 1

Micro center drilling and tapping JMD 1

Product no.: J50000020M

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logo-JETMicro JMD1 shaper, milling machine light hobby model

With the router can also perform slots, slots and other milling, because the attack on Morse taper which installed the spindle or other types of attacks, it is simply inserted into the spindle nose, but it is also considered by a threaded rod-rod.
The machine is equipped with a spindle for precision drilling, milling if you want to buy a chuck ER collets for milling You preserve so the precision of the spindle drill and you will get a better job.


     * Sturdy cast iron to prevent vibration
     * Powerful 150 W brushless DC motor
     * Change the speed continuously from 100-2000 rev / min divided into 2 ranges for maximum performance
     * Left hand spindle rotation for threading operations
     * Column swiveling to the right and left
     * Large table with ground prismatic guides adjustable

Technical data
Model JMD 1
Cod. art 230V 50000020M
Drilling capacity (Fe37) � 10 mm/M6
Cutting capacity of face mill (Fe37) � 20 mm
Cutting capacity of end mill (Fe37) � 10 mm
Distance spindle column 140 mm
Max. distance between spindle / table 210 mm
Spindle taper CM2 / M10
Spindle stroke 30 mm
Spindle speeds : variable 2 ranges

100� 1000 giri/1'

200� 2000 giri/1'

Table size 140x 240mm
Max. Table stroke x-axis 190 mm
Max. Table stroke y-axis 100mm
Max. Table stroke z-axis 210 mm
Head tilting range � 90�Dx e Sx
Number of T-slots in table 3 / 8 mm
Power 150W (230V)
Dimension 550 x 450 x 630 mm
Weight 40 Kg
Standard equipment
* Micro adjustment of the vertical stroke
* Micro adjustable spindle down
* Tie M10
* Chuck accurate to 1.10 mm with taper CM 2
* Protection of milling and drilling

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