HSS 3/16" Parting tool

HSS 3/16" Parting tool

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HSS 3/16" Parting Tool

Mainly used for parting the finished workpiece from the waste wood. With the correct technique they can also be used for creating beads and patterns - a truly useful and essential tool.

These tools are manufactured to a standard that makes them perfect for use by demanding professionals but also at a cost which makes them ideal for the novice turner.
The blades are made of high speed steel to keep their cutting edge longer and the handles of close-grained, stable and heavy beech. The shape of the handles has been specially designed, based on the requirements of experienced woodturners, to provide a strong and comfortable grip, leaving you free to concentrate on turning.

Technical data

mm Lt Lm Art.
5mm (3/16') 420 305 4310


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